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Craftgawker’s Yummy Sister Site

31 Oct

Recently, Craftgawker recommended I visit it’s sister site – Foodgawker.

And I’m so happy I did:

Halloween Peanut Butter Truffles


Deviled Egg Dip


Boeuf Bourguignon


Enjoy exploring!

On another cooking related note, Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook finally came out and was delivered and is packed with yummy recipes and sweet stories. Highly recommended for those not afraid of cheese, cream, and butter.


It’s getting to be that time of year again.

19 Oct

Well, the holidays are just around the corner. While I’m working on finishing (okstarting) my Halloween costume, I’m also making a list of items I would like to make for gifts.

However, the one thing I always procrastinate with and always am less than thrilled with the results is purchasing gift-wrap.

I usually end up heading to Target as they have slightly more modern gift-wrap styles (I am a little more minimal with my taste and am not as fond of traditional styles). However, the rolls always have very little paper (it seems), and never seem to have what I want.

Well, since one Christmas gift is already in my home, I began to think of my normal gift-wrap dilemma. Which is great because now I have time to look and see what my online options are.

Enter Superior Gift Wrap.

Their rolls seems to be 100′ at default, which is great. And they have a ton of different patterns along with some bags that would match and ribbons and bows. I picked up my 4 favorite Christmas designs and one design for general gifts that one gives throughout the year (birthdays, housewarmings, etc.). I cannot express how happy I am to actually be on top of the gift wrap dilemma this year.

Maybe I’ll even do Christmas cards this year…

Double Post to make up for my lack of Posting

9 Oct

Wow – almost a month has flown by already and I haven’t posted. Don’t you love how life just gets away from you sometimes?

The reason for the lack of posting is that I left my 9-5 and have become a housewife temporarily. This is a good thing and both my husband and I are happy with the decision. Ultimately I hope to get the house in order (which is has seriously gotten out of – if it was ever in order) and then try and focus and see if my craftiness might be able to be a career for me. I’m working on my chain making skills and also have a whole new book of historical corset deisgns (and as everyone tells me, Corset making is big money…we’ll see but they can be expensive).

I also have an awesome Halloween costume to work on, but that has to wait until after the in-laws come visit next Saturday, since cleaning is the priority until then.

So, what do I have to share with you today? Well…

  • Etsy lovers, meet the dark side “Regretsy“. WARNING: may contain mature content.
  • I’ve seen so many beautiful (but expensive) clutches over at Etsy lately. Surely, I could learn to make my own using awesome fabric I find. Sure enough, I did.

That’s all for today. I do have one small project I will document and hopefully post in the next week. Mainly, my cat Jayne (it’s a boy cat – think Firefly), has fallen in love with the slightly broken papazaan stool chilling out in my living room. It is rare he finds cat beds he likes, so I’d like to keep the stool, but make it a little more modern living room friendly. Not 100% sure how I’m going to accomplish that yet, but I have some ideas. Plus I don’t want it to fully break while he’s sleeping on it, so I need to fortify it as well.

Stay tuned!