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Craftgawker Find of the Week

8 Jan

How these beautiful Dahlia earrings have not been bought yet, I do not know.

Dahlia Earrings vol. 2

If I weren’t doing my best to tighten the belt as we re-work our budget, they would be mine.

I might like this picture better:

Free Shipping - Dahlia earrings vol2

So feminine, yet distinctly modern. Good work, Shizen Designs!


Craftgawker’s Yummy Sister Site

31 Oct

Recently, Craftgawker recommended I visit it’s sister site – Foodgawker.

And I’m so happy I did:

Halloween Peanut Butter Truffles


Deviled Egg Dip


Boeuf Bourguignon


Enjoy exploring!

On another cooking related note, Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook finally came out and was delivered and is packed with yummy recipes and sweet stories. Highly recommended for those not afraid of cheese, cream, and butter.

Craft Gawker

3 Sep

Since we all know I love to gawk.

For all of us Etsy Stalkers and just to add more project ideas to my list, Apartment therapy just posted this new website:
Some of my favorites from the first few pages:

Have Fun and Be Inspired!