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First Thing’s First

29 Jul

Well, obviously, I must pretty-fy this blog before we can even begin.

As you can see, I have a holding template in place. If this blog design has been updated, for posterity’s sake, this was my holding template:

Simple. Kinda cute. Kinda modern. Not nearly mischievous enough for my tastes, but as a holding template – it will do.

Certainly better than these options:

Oh so girlie – which can be okay, but it’s just so…..gingham.

How about this duo devoted to the disorganized (how d’ya like those alliteration skills!):

Don’t get me wrong. I love crafts. I get a little giddy over the scraps and bits left on my table during the creation of something unique. But I can be positively orgasmic over a well organized and finally clean workspace. Those two templates make me a little anxious just looking at them. Also, I kinda hear the Jaws theme as I see the peices of denim and floral crap poking out from behind the page and header. All these little motifs lurking just below the surface…coming for me…

And then, there was this template. which I actually like – though its still waaayyy to busy for my purposes.

Very nice, but again – not really the feeling I’m going for. It’s got the whimsy I’d like. Still looking for a little more mischief.

So, while not your traditional craft project, coming up with a suitable design for my little corner of the interwebs is my project for this weekend. Note, I am not a graphic designer, so this should be interesting. Any tips or suggestions?