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New Book

11 Aug

I bought a tome full of inspiration this weekend:

Say what you will about the Domestic Diva – she knows what she’s talking about.

the project on the front cover made me hesitate to buy the book on Amazon, but I had a coupon to Barnes & Noble (where I also have my 10% club card) and time to kill on Saturday afternoon. So, I dropped by and leafed through the book.

And I was so happy I did – Silk screening instructions! Beautiful clay flowers! Handpainted teapots! So many projects to add to my every growing list. Also, the book is brilliantly arranged. Each chapter introduces a new craft (silk screening, paper flowers, beadwork) and gives you a few projects to get you used to the process and practice your skill. Each section also drops hints for other projects you might apply this particular technique to, opening the door to your inner creativity.

Say what you will, but I like Martha.