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Foodgawker Highlight

4 Jan

I love Foodgawker – celebrating good food photography and making me hungry every day. Occasionally, I learn something, too!

Today I saw this lovely picture on the front page:

Kroketten (Dutch Croquettes)

And, well, that looks like something fried. And being from the South, I never met something fried that I didn’t like.

The image links to a sweet post from Almost Bourdain. The snacks above are called Kroketten and are a type of Dutch Croquettes. Reading over the recipe, this seems like a great item to have in your recipe box when you have some leftover roast beef or brisket that you aren’t sure what to do with.

What’s also nice about the post is the writer’s connection to the dish – recipes with a story are always a favorite. And she takes many lovely pictures, which always help me out the first time I attempt a new dish.

Maybe these will be on my Super Bowl Party list this year…


Craftgawker’s Yummy Sister Site

31 Oct

Recently, Craftgawker recommended I visit it’s sister site – Foodgawker.

And I’m so happy I did:

Halloween Peanut Butter Truffles


Deviled Egg Dip


Boeuf Bourguignon


Enjoy exploring!

On another cooking related note, Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook finally came out and was delivered and is packed with yummy recipes and sweet stories. Highly recommended for those not afraid of cheese, cream, and butter.

Cupcake Bites

30 Aug

I decided to try Bakerella’s infamous Cupcake Bites – I was not disappointed.

Original instructions can be found here.

So I baked my cake – er, cakes. I did chocolate and yellow butter cake:


Crumbled ‘em up and mixed in some vanilla icing:

039 040

Made them into little balls and froze ‘em:


And apparently forgot to take any other pictures of the “making” of the cupcake bites. But it’s really easy. Just fill your candy molds about half full and drop a cake ball in until the chocolate reached the top of the cup. Stick in the fridge or freezer for a bit and let the chocolate cool.

Then, you take the cake balls out with their new bases and dip them, top side down into another colored candy coating of your choice. Top with some sprinkles and maybe an M&M:


And there you have it!.

I have to say though – sorting M&Ms is just one of those things that makes you feel a little insane – and very much OCD.

I wrapped mine up in a couple of boxes, decorated with some stamping pizzazz, and sent them off as thank you gifts. We’ll see how they make it in the mail…