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Kanzashi Christmas Tree

17 Dec

From Craft Passion:


(click image to be taken to the Tutorial)


Anyone need a stocking pattern?

2 Nov

We have commercially purchased stockings around our home, and even though we won’t be home for the holiday, I would like to have something a little more personal.

This pattern caught my eye:

Stocking tutorial small with header

Who else is excited for the holidays?

It’s getting to be that time of year again.

19 Oct

Well, the holidays are just around the corner. While I’m working on finishing (okstarting) my Halloween costume, I’m also making a list of items I would like to make for gifts.

However, the one thing I always procrastinate with and always am less than thrilled with the results is purchasing gift-wrap.

I usually end up heading to Target as they have slightly more modern gift-wrap styles (I am a little more minimal with my taste and am not as fond of traditional styles). However, the rolls always have very little paper (it seems), and never seem to have what I want.

Well, since one Christmas gift is already in my home, I began to think of my normal gift-wrap dilemma. Which is great because now I have time to look and see what my online options are.

Enter Superior Gift Wrap.

Their rolls seems to be 100′ at default, which is great. And they have a ton of different patterns along with some bags that would match and ribbons and bows. I picked up my 4 favorite Christmas designs and one design for general gifts that one gives throughout the year (birthdays, housewarmings, etc.). I cannot express how happy I am to actually be on top of the gift wrap dilemma this year.

Maybe I’ll even do Christmas cards this year…