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6 Jan

Ok, this post is for all you yarn fans out there.

Over Thanksgiving, a friend of mine introduced me to I may be late to the bandwagon, but possibly there are knitters or crotchetiers who are reading this blog and haven’t heard of this site.

Ravelry is a place for you to:

  • browse patterns – many are free
  • keep track of what’s in your yarn basket
  • keep track of what needles and hooks you have one hand
  • keep a queue of patterns to try
  • post updated of your progress on your current project
  • socialize with other yarn craft loving people

A few screen shots for your viewing pleasure:

The pattern tab:


The advanced search here is particularly powerful. You can search by many and multiple parameters – what needle size you want to use, what yarn you have in your stash, difficulty, type of garment, etc.

The yarns tab:


You can search different types of yarns out there and see where you might be able to purchase the yarn you desire. I’m a very tactile person, so I prefer to shop for yarn in places where I can feel it, but this could be nice if you prefer to shop for yarn online (though they do link to some brick and mortar stores as well, i believe).

Your notebook:


This is where you can keep track of your progress on projects, review your queue, update your stash, keep up to date on events – everything social and project oriented.

Any yarn lovers out there want to add their two purls on Leave a comment 🙂