Strengths Finder: Part 1 of 7

24 Jan


As part of my work with my TC, I was asked to take an aptitude-type test from the Gallup Press called Strengths Finder.

The purpose of this test is to give you some insight as to the talents and strengths you possess. These are strengths that stay with you your whole life – not surface personality traits that may change as you get older.

The idea, of course, is to give you a better understanding of then things you enjoy and ideas on how to develop those traits as opposed to focusing solely on how to strengthen your weaknesses.

While is is usually helpful to try to strengthen many areas overall, the rewards you will see from focusing on your talents are said to be much greater. For example, if you are tone deaf and work tirelessly to become a singer, chances are you won’t be as successful as someone born with a natural talent and tone who worked just as hard.

They break this down into an equation: talent x practice = results.

Sounds fair enough. I also like the theme of focusing on what you are good at, rather than fighting who you are. Starting from a base of, “I have these strengths, how can I make them even better?” seems a helpful starting point for the recovering self-perfectionist.

I will use the next six posts to ponder each of my top 5 strengths and the quotes and possible actions that are presented with them, as well as one overall wrap up post.


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