Strengths Finder: Part 3 of 7

24 Jan


My second strength was Intellection.

“People who are especially talented in the Intellection theme are characterized by their
intellectual activity. They are introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions.”

This result was the theme I most resonated with. I can very easily recognize this attribute in myself. My mind is usually very active – whether watching TV, reading a book, grocery shopping, or trying to go to bed (much to my chagrin). I very much enjoy chatting with people about current events, history, psychology, or even philosophy.

The very little teaching I have done, I have enjoyed. As long as I know what I am talking about inside and out, public speaking doesn’t bother me much. I do value education that teaches understanding and how to use one’s mind over rote memorization of disconnected facts.

When driving, I listen to talk radio because it is able to keep my mind more engaged than listening to music – unless it is music that I am working on as a singer.

I am always researching – whether it is trying to understand the latest up to date info on my thyroid disease, or seeking a more thorough instruction on how to knit or cook. I enjoy connecting the dots and know I retain information better when I do.

Some directives and other interesting ideas from this theme:

  • Consider beginning or continuing your studies in philosophy, literature, or psychology. You will always enjoy subjects that stimulate your thinking.
  • List you ideas in a log or diary (check.) These ideas will serve as a grist for your mental mill, and they might yield valuable insights.
  • People may think you are aloof or or disengaged when you close your door or spend time alone. This is simply a reflection of your thinking style and it results not from a disregard for relationships, but from a desire to bring the most you can to relationships.
  • You are at your best when you have time to follow and intellectual trail and see where it leads.
  • Schedule time for thinking – it can be energizing for you. Use these occasions to muse and reflect.
  • Take time to write. writing may be the best way for you to crystallize and integrate your thoughts.
  • Find people who like to talk about the same issues you do.
  • Encourage people around you to use their full intellectual capital by reframing questions for them and by engaging them in a dialogue. Realize there will be some who find this intimidating.

The most interesting quote was one in which a guy was talking about his need to have the TV on when he was working – this is something I do all the time. TV or podcasts. In my high school English class, I had a teacher who was awesome enough to let me cross stitch in class which helped me focus on listening.

Even now, I have the football playoffs on as I’m writing.


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