Strength Finder: Part 6 of 7

25 Jan


My fifth and final top five strength is Harmony. This was the most difficult for me to self-identify.

People who are especially talented in the Harmony theme look for consensus. They don’t enjoy conflict, rather, they seek areas of agreement.

The part that throws me off is constant mention of being a peace maker. I have never seen myself as such, nor have others mentioned this as a particular strength of mine.

However, the following points are very true to me:

  • you do not enjoy conflict
  • you may wait to ask before sharing your knowledge
  • look for the practical side of things – it is the starting point of agreement.

The practical is especially important to me. I find it is the quickest way to solve a problem. of course, solving problems is generally what leads to conflicts – people are usually very attached to their way of solving it and unwilling to consider other points of view. By bringing people back to the issue and the practical considerations, the problems usually just get solved faster – and then we can all go about our business again.


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