Strengths Finder: 7 of 7

20 Feb

I originally intended for this post to just be about how I felt about the strengths and any other integrative insights I might have gleaned, but I’ve actually been thinking of something else.

I am surprised how many of the people on the forums for Strengths Finder post the following:

I just got my results. I am S1, S2, S3, S4, S5. What kind of job should I pursue?

It just shows so much context being dropped and somewhat exemplifies the “tell me what to do” attitude many people have toward life.

Now I will be the first to say that I often run to the comfort of “tell me what to do” when I am feeling purposeless. This is a weakness I see in myself that I am looking to correct for one simple reason: When you decide what you want to do, and you choose to pursue it for your own reasons and your own pleasure, you will be much more fulfilled by what you do.

I was becoming very frustrated trying to work for companies I didn’t believe in or just wasn’t as passionate about compared to things I really love to do. I never experienced what I would call “burn out” – but my interest and zeal would wane over time. This is very disappointing to me because I find it very difficult to do my best work when in this state, and I very much hate not doing my best work.

While I am still playing my next professional move a little close to the chest currently, I am extremely vitalized by the idea of it.

And that’s exactly where I want to be.


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