*screeeeeetch!* Um, what?

1 Jul

June 13th was a big day in our house – well, at Evergreen hospital near our house.

In the wee hours of the morning – around 1:30am – my husband complained of shooting head pains. Probably nothing, but all those people for who it ends up bring something, all said it was “probably nothing”. So, we played it on the safe said and went to the ER.

Five hours later, we got the good news and the bad news. The good news was his head was fine. The bad news was it looked like he probably has diabetes.

Two weeks later, and a few more confirming blood tests, and it was confirmed.

Thankfully, it is in the early stages. there aren’t any complications that we know about. Most everything has been covered through blood tests, he just needs an eye exam to check for those complications.

We’ve been making dietary changes and checking blood sugar to see how certain meals and exercise affect it. We’ve also started walking 30 minutes every day, so we’re on our way to getting things under control. I plan to write more about details in the future. Our first big challenge is our Vegas trip – for which we are leaving tomorrow!

The other change this has led to is we are very likely going to be joining a concierge medicine practice. With my Hashimoto’s and now Jeremy’s diabetes, it’ll be extra nice to have a doctor who will answer questions without us having to wait until our next appointment. With this practice, we can also call him if there is an emergency and he will talk with the doctors who are treating us and we can request he accompany us to appointments with other specialists. I think I’ll write a separate post on the total benefits and bonuses of this practice.

But for now, I ‘m gonna go kill big, bad bosses in WoW and then pack for Vegas!


One Response to “*screeeeeetch!* Um, what?”

  1. Anita July 1, 2010 at 5:00 am #

    Have a great trip Arwen, and take care of yourself and Jeremy. We love both of you.Anita

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