Home Sweet Home

16 Jul

It’s always nice to be back home after a longer vacation. Our cats are extra cuddly as well, which is just adorable. It’s good to be missed.

The second half of the trip was lovely, and I got to see many big cats! First at the Mirage and then (unexpectedly) at the MGM Grand:

084 095

100 - Copy


I was very happy we stayed an extra day after the conference, as it gave us time to walk the Strip with a few friends, which was nice.

Some shots I’m particularly proud of:


A chandelier at our hotel – The Red Rock Resort


Mom and my friend Bren admiring the friendly dolphin – I just love that you can see they’re all smiles, even though they are turned away from the camera. The both look SO happy!!


Lovely shot of Paris, if I do say so, myself!

046 - Copy

The candy’s comin’ right for us!! Om nom nom…

117 - Copy

Loved these light fixtures – especially against the blue of the ceiling.

194 - Copy

I got a few good pictures of the fountain show, but this is probably my favorite.

Now back to real life – I’ve got meals to plan and a treadmill to assemble! And a surprise to pick up! (more on that later…)


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