The Daring Kitchen

1 Aug

In an effort to expand my cooking repertoire and force myself to learn about alternative ingredients (to bring down carb counts in recipes), I decided to join The Daring Kitchen.

The Daring Kitchen is an online community of (mostly) bloggers. Two women who wanted to push their culinary boundaries decided to challenge each other to make biscotti and it grew into a large and thriving community.

I applied and was accepted as both a baker and cook. The two categories are exactly as they sound. Bakers’ challenges are usually desserts or breads. Cooks can be anything, but usually are some type of main entrée or fancy side dish. Each group gets one challenge a month, though the two groups are staggered.

There is some flexibility with the recipes. Substitutions to allow for special dietary needs are ok (vegan, low-carb, gluten free, etc). The main idea is to stay true to the spirit of the recipe. There are usually a few rules for each challenge (i.e. make x from scratch, x ingredient must be used), but nothing too strict.

My first cooks challenge is due for a reveal on August 14th, and my first baking challenge will be revealed on August 27th. I’m super excited to get going, and hope my readers enjoy seeing a few dishes from my kitchen!


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