Oh, I have a blog!

23 Oct

So, now that my show is up and running, I have not only time, but more mental bandwidth back to use for keeping this blog a little more updated.

Opening night went well. I am very proud of the cast for pulling off such a difficult show, and Jeremy is happy to have finally been able to see the show. I should have some nice pictures to post soon.

I was also able to host my first cast party last night. Since we’re in a house now, it’s a lot easier to control noise bleed. I enjoyed the party and loved playing host, but with that over and then show in performance swing, things should quiet down considerably – which I am glad for.

Things on my immediate to do list with my new free time and focus:

  • a new quilt for our bedroom
  • finish re-finishing Jeremy’s dresser
  • getting back into the swing of Daring Cooks
  • cooking at home more often!
  • finish the skirt to match my lovely new corset
  • play more Kinect Games – including the fitness game
  • work on the drawings of “dream Chez Morton”
  • figure out the upcoming holidays. We won’t be traveling, so I need to see what might be fun alternatives, locally.

For today, I have one late opening night gift to finish, going to spy on the show again, and the watch the Vincent Price “House on Haunted Hill” in preparation for next week’s Rifftrax Live!


One Response to “Oh, I have a blog!”

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