Giving Thanks

25 Nov

Thankful:  feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative


During this time of year, I do enjoy taking stock of the people and things I am thankful to have in my life. Some if it is thanking the people directly – for continuing to choose be part of my life as well as for being such exemplary people in the first place. For the things, some of it is thanking the people who invented them, and some of it is more expressing the joy of having such things in my life. And some if it is remembering to take time to thank myself for things I have accomplished. I have an issue I am working on of not being able to recognize or downplaying my own accomplishments, so it is good for my soul to take time to remember them.


So this year, a few things I am thankful for:

·         That I don’t have to travel this holiday season: I’m very grateful (for MANY reasons) that my family came to see me this November, and that I can avoid traveling this Thanksgiving and Christmas.

·         The internet: Seriously, the internet makes life so easy and opens up so many new possibilities.

·         The Microsoft Theater Troupe: A great group of people putting on fun shows. It’s always an incredible experience working with them and so many good things have come into my life that came directly from people I meet there.

·         Our home: It may only be a rental, but it has been so nice to move up from the apartment world into a home. The privacy is especially lovely.

·         Our cats: I love our two cats, Jayne and Vera. Very few things are nicer than relaxing on the couch with a good movie or tv show, some food and drink, and a warm kitty curled up on your lap.

·         My family: I have always been close to my mother and I am happy that hasn’t changed. She is a wonderful confidant and advisor when needed. I love how my brother always lights up a room and the joy he exudes. My dad and I have had our rocky moments, but our relationship has gotten so much better over the years and I’m so happy how transparent he can be with his pride in me.

·         My husband: I have to save the best for last. My husband is my absolute favorite person in the world. There are mundane things about him I am thankful for (he has a stable, good job that allows me to use my time to explore career and other life options, he is tech-saavy which means we have tons of fun toys at home, etc.), but I mostly am thankful he continues to choose to be with me and share his time and life with me. He’s made great efforts to be supportive and comforting when I had a challenging couple  of years. He continually compliments me and reminds me I am loved. He has high standards for himself and continually lives up to them. He knows how to relax and have fun and also how to live with integrity. I can go on and on, but to put it simply; I am happy to have such a great love in my life.


I know there is much more, but these are the stand-out items as of this moment in time. We’ll see what next year brings.


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