29 Jan

Hello everyone!

So, Pinheaded has been updating daily at 12pm PST for a week now, and I have a few tweaks to the system/style moving forward.

I think I have enough time and content to have 2 posts a day. I’m going to aim for 9am and 4pm PST.

Another change is I will be pinning to my “Pinheaded” board to save possible posts. You can follow that board here if you’d like a preview of things to come. This will allow me to more easily post pictures that link to the original pin as I found it. I started off just saving screenshots or the images themselves. I will continue to post what I have already saved, but will make an effort to find the original pin and link to it if I can.

I should clear through most of the .jpg only pins in about a month, though, and then all posts should be linked moving forward.

Happy Pinning!


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