Things I was doing instead of blogging: New York City

23 Jul

In December 2011, Jeremy and I took a long vacation to New York City. This was after my contract with Microsoft had closed and I was on a mandatory 100 day break before I could start a new MS contract. This left me with oodles of time, and Jeremy had some use-it-or-lose-it vacation to burn. As he had never been to New York before, I was very excited to take this trip with him.

We traveled by train. It took 2 nights to go from Seattle to Chicago, we spent one night in Chicago (to give up some buffer in case trains were delayed – something we learned is useful from our last cross-country train experience) and then one more overnight ride to New York City.

Then we spent 9 nights in the city, in a small hotel right next to Rockefeller Center. It was really lovely as NYC around Christmastime can be.

We took in three shows: The Book of Mormon, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (with Daniel Radcliffe), and Hugh Jackman’s one man show.

Aside from both Jeremy and I contracting colds during the trip, we had a great time and will very likely make the trek to NYC on a semi-regular basis (i.e. when we can and don’t have somewhere else on a higher priority to visit).

Enjoy some of my favorite pictures from the trip:







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