Things I was doing instead of blogging: Landing a Full-Time Job

30 Jul

One of the more recent changes that has kept me busy is my new job. At the end of January, I started working at Microsoft as a full-time employee (FTE).

Most of you know that I worked for two years as a vendor at Microsoft. While I worked on the campus, I technically worked for another company. Then, last year, I worked as a contractor. This meant I could only work for 1 year and then I had to take a mandatory 100-day break. While I hoped that I could get another contracting position after my 100 days, I also aimed a little higher and tried to land an FTE gig.

There were a lot of interviews and some delays. There were many stalled moments where I was sure I wasn’t going to get the position (I had also interviewed for 2 other FTE positions). However, I had a second round of interviews and a final interview a few days later and was told at the end of that process to expect an offer.

My position is “Senior Human Resources Assistant” and I often describe it as having some general admin components, but mostly a reporting and data guardian. There is also some project management as I help drive some of the Rhythm of the Business functions in HR.

I think my passion in the job is mostly related to data and reporting, and I may have an opportunity in the near future to move into a reporting-heavy role, but we shall see. I am very happy to have long-term employment that allows me to really focus on developing a career in a field I enjoy – not to mention regular income and great benefits!


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