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23 Aug

I know I said I wasn’t going to post this week, but I got an idea for a quick post and thought I’d throw you a bone.

I write like people actually read this blog (and I love the 5 of you who do!), but truth is this blog is far from the big-time.

However, there are others also carrying out the mission of mocking Pinterest. They too seem to embrace the love-hate relationship that any sane woman would have with the site. (“Food! Dresses! Crafts! Pretty things!… OMFG what the HELL is that?!?”)

They are also much more popular than my blog. (Pity PAR-TAY!)

So, if you like this blog, you probably will also like:”

Pinstrosity: Various submissions of people’s Pinterest attempts gone wrong

Pintester: One woman fucking up Pinterest pins so we don’t have to.

WTF, Pinterest?: Very much like this blog. Pins that make someone else say, “the hell?”



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