The Great Merge

18 Feb

I have decided to merge my three blogs: this main blog, Pinheaded, and Shapely Thoughts.

I haven’t been active on Pinheaded in some time. I became quite busy in the fall and never really started regularly posting there after my schedule improved. I don’t want to completely shut it down. Upon reviewing the posts, I found I really enjoyed them and wanted to keep record of them. I also wanted the opportunity to post more in the future, but maybe not as regularly as I did before. It did wear me down, wallowing in the worst pins, so I think it’s best if I don’t do it several times daily. I may set a regular schedule in the future, but I doubt it will be more often than once a week.

Shapely Thoughts never really got off the ground. I had set it up to give me a place to post about my body image issues with slightly more anonymity. There are still many topics I would like to write about and work through, but I am not as nervous about doing so here, on my main blog. So there’s rally no reason to keep that partitioned off either.

Jeremy and I are currently in a sort of period of flux at the moment. Unfortunately, I can’t share many details, but I expect I won’t write much about day-to-day things until that has died down. Perhaps I will take the opportunity to post some Pinheaded Pins and Shapely Thoughts!


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