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The Great Merge

18 Feb

I have decided to merge my three blogs: this main blog, Pinheaded, and Shapely Thoughts.

I haven’t been active on Pinheaded in some time. I became quite busy in the fall and never really started regularly posting there after my schedule improved. I don’t want to completely shut it down. Upon reviewing the posts, I found I really enjoyed them and wanted to keep record of them. I also wanted the opportunity to post more in the future, but maybe not as regularly as I did before. It did wear me down, wallowing in the worst pins, so I think it’s best if I don’t do it several times daily. I may set a regular schedule in the future, but I doubt it will be more often than once a week.

Shapely Thoughts never really got off the ground. I had set it up to give me a place to post about my body image issues with slightly more anonymity. There are still many topics I would like to write about and work through, but I am not as nervous about doing so here, on my main blog. So there’s rally no reason to keep that partitioned off either.

Jeremy and I are currently in a sort of period of flux at the moment. Unfortunately, I can’t share many details, but I expect I won’t write much about day-to-day things until that has died down. Perhaps I will take the opportunity to post some Pinheaded Pins and Shapely Thoughts!


2012 Review

1 Jan

It’s been a long time since I blogged again, I know, but for some reason I keep coming back. Maybe it’s the eternal hope of regular posting, or just the desire to recap a block of time every once in a while. In any event, it’s the last day of 2012 and what better time to reflect on the past year and also give anyone reading an update on the past few months as well.

Jan – In January, I landed a full-time job at Microsoft. Big deal. Great career implications. Generally awesome landmark!

Feb – 29th Birthday, fun Superbowl Party and Fun times at the SIFF Science Fiction Short Film Festival. Annual Best Picture Showcase and AMC.

March – Mists of Pandaria Beta. Eventually purchased, but then also let my WoW subscription lapse for the first time in 7-ish years this December. Too busy and have a sexy new MMO to play! Hunger Games movie, Underpants @ MSTT. Jeremy’s Rifftrax Birthday Marathon!

April – New Roomates! Sarah and Caleb move in with us for a few months. Got to see Brazil on the big screen, Beta for Guild Wars 2 (my new MMO love).

May – Received a small award at work. Not bad for 4 months on the job. Scotch Tasting celebration. Got the blue back in my hair.

June – The horror of Magic Mike, Disappointing Supreme Court Ruling on ObamaCare, first attempt at making a Napleon (moderately successful). Microsoft Surface Announced

July – Warrior Dash 2012. The Dark Knight Rises. Florence and the Machine. Discovered the hilarious 50 shades recaps that I am still faithfully reading. Attended a George R.R. Martin Reading. Celebrated my 5th Anniversary with Jeremy at the Salish Lodge.

August – PAX Prime! GeekGirlCon 2012! The month of Cons! Guild Wars 2 release. The great bed-bug debacle. Whedonesque Burlesque. Cast in MSTT’s “Hello, Dolly!”, Manos: Hands of Fate Rifftrax Live.

September – Visited Family in Florida. Much rehearsing. Did I mention rehearsing? Started rolling dice with the old dice group! First Microsoft Company Meeting, First annual review experience, some more PAX Prime

October – HELLO, DOLLY!! Also, started new role with my new team that I adore.

November – Closed Hello Dolly. Moved to our awesome new place in Duvall. Thanksgiving with old friends.

December – Great Christmas celebrations. Awesome Housewarming party. Generally still crazy with the unpacking, but getting better day by day.

All in all, I’m looking forward to 2013. I feel like 2012 really put me on track for some great things. I have a job I enjoy and good long-term prospects. I’ve joined the MSTT board and am looking forward to becoming more deeply involved with the community theater group I love so much. I feel secure and stable. I feel validated – both from my current job and from my two big performances over the past year and a half. Things are on track to continue to improve, so I say bring on 2013 and my 30s!


Awesome Maleficent

15 Sep



14 Sep


I don’t have much of a comment for this one. It’s just that asinine.

Random Fact

13 Sep


Random Fact: There are a ton of other, less vilified activities that also increase your chances of arthritis: knitting, cross-stitching, carving, cooking and nearly EVERYTHING ELSE that require using your hands for work that requires fine motor skills.


13 Sep


That is the most excited Peter Griffin has ever been about a salad.


12 Sep


Pooping is a “toddler boredom buster”?

On a serious note: Really, Pinterest?

That’s exciting…

12 Sep


Is this supposed to be a proud declaration? Because it seems pretty terrible to me. I never understood why Christianity likes to parade its savior around on his death machine. It’d be like someone showing their love of a modern-day idol with a necklace with him in an electric chair.

“What’s this on my hand?”

11 Sep


ALL the Hashtags!!

Breathe in, Breathe out

11 Sep


That doesn’t seem very considerate. (and it links to spam! *thumbs up*)