Five Star Challenge

5 May

A few blogs I read (note: those are 4 separate links) have been participating in the 5 Star Challenge. I have decided to jump on the bandwagon as well as I’ve been a little down lately. (I believe due to my thyroid getting cranky again.)
For this challenge, the rules are to write 5 posts on the following:

  • Five things you love about yourself.
  • Five things your body can do.
  • Five things you’re grateful for.
  • Five things that make you happy you’re alive.
  • Five people (or pets) who you love.

So, I will start today with

Five Things I Love About Myself

Incidentally, I think today and tomorrow will be the hardest list for me to populate. Already, I’m getting stuck for 4 and 5…

  1. I am a good singer. I love singing – even if it is only karaoke. I have a good voice, but I really enjoy interpreting songs and focusing on communicating the story or theme. The interpretation is what separates the greats from the everyday singers.
  2. I feel things very deeply. I am a rational person and don’t enjoy a lot of drama in my life, but I do appreciate that I experience life very passionately. Of course, while this means I enjoy strong waves of happiness and love, I also get very bothered  by some things I probably shouldn’t allow to upset me. All in all, however, I would rather be able to experience my emotions this way than to be stoic.
  3. I am smart. This is one I don’t know if I’ll ever believe in my bones, but I know it is true. I am not sure why I can’t seem to accept this, but I am working on it. I am very good at creative and critical thinking and can break down problems into conquerable pieces. I can keep up with politics and current events, and I yell at news articles which make absurd claims based on seriously flawed studies more often than I care to admit. I enjoy analyzing– especially in the realms of films and books. I seem to pick up new processes and skills quickly and am often sought after by friends to collaborate in various activities. In an overall sense, I enjoy thinking and having an active mind, which I think is a great virtue.
  4. I am a Renaissance Woman. I have a wide variety of skills and a broad base of knowledge. While this doesn’t always translate to excelling in all of those skills or being the most knowledgeable, it allows me to do many things without getting too burnt out in one area and I can converse well with many different types of people. Some of my skills/interests: singing, piano, set design, scenic art, light construction, directing for the stage, project management, cross stitching, origami, drawing and painting, sewing, writing, teaching, computer skills, video games, psychology, philosophy, politics, theater (especially music theater), movies, books, puzzles, art, knitting, crochet, chainmail and other jewelry, cooking, baking, and so on.
  5. I make pretty things. This somewhat piggybacks on the last one, but it’s a little more specific. I have a variety of hobbies that are centered around making pretty things. I enjoy making new cross stitch patterns and sewing bags, clothing, and home décor items. I also enjoy baking (though I do it sparingly) – especially when I can make cute things such as Cake Pops. Embellishing is also a good skill – I made my kindle case prettier and more individualized by sewing on a piece of blue dupioni silk. I have made an elaborate pirate costume with a lush velvet coat as well as 3 corsets. I enjoy having the ability to make something unique and pretty at a moment’s notice.

Stay tuned tomorrow for: Five Things My Body Can Do. (rawr!)


One Response to “Five Star Challenge”

  1. Jenn Casey May 6, 2011 at 12:26 am #

    Yay! I love these. And I'm glad you're in! 😀

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