Five Star Challenge: Day 2

6 May

(For the set up for this challenge, go here.)

This one is going to be difficult for me. I often feel like I am at fighting with my body as my immune system declared war on my thyroid several years ago and staying ahead of the damage can be difficult and frustrating. I often need to reorient myself to accepting and appreciating the things my body can do in order to keep from getting too frustrated when it isn’t doing other things I would like it to do.

Five Things My Body Can Do

  1. My body makes my husband and I happy. I think you all get my drift. ‘nuff said.
  2. I can roller-skate. This is a silly one on the surface, but I really enjoy roller-skating and wish I did it more often. (I don’t go as often as I’d like as the music during “adult nights” is kinda crappy, and I don’t really have any skating buddies to share in the fun.) I own my own skates so that I can go when the mood strikes and enjoy the wind on my face and that feeling of flying.
  3. My body can create and enjoy glorious food. I am not a chef extraordinaire, but I know my way around a kitchen and have quite a few mastered recipes under my belt. I have a number of go-to dishes to impress, and I have a long list of quick, yummy meals I can make after coming home from work. I really enjoy food and the feeling of being satiated. Enjoying good meals is a great pleasure in life, and I am always happy to indulge!
  4. My body can make beautiful music. My voice is especially adept at singing and covers a wide range as well. It can be strong, powerful, and loud – or soft and sweeter. It is incredibly agile. My hands can play piano well enough to offer some sort of accompaniment to the singing. It’s lovely to always have music wherever you go.
  5. My body can create worlds. When I see a finished set I have designed and helped to build and paint, it truly feels like you have created your own small little world for these characters to live in and audiences to be transported to. That is a truly awesome power.

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